Natural cosmetics - we are constantly searching for products we are convinced of and we can enjoy with a clear conscience. Alpinulin is one

Not only do we want to travel sustainably, we also want to take care of ourselves with a clear conscience. With high level products and without compromise.

The demand for natural cosmetics is continuously increasing, products  without artificial ingredients and as “green” as possible are the trend. The choice is not always easy.



One of our favorites: the Alpinulin Hyaluron Booster.

“Anti Aging from the Alps” – this is how the startup from Tyrol describes their product.

With mountain spring water from the Alps, finely filtered as the base of the gel, which is said to achieve anti-aging effects. With 100% natural ingredients, free from any animal experiments.

The approach is compelling, and we love the application and the effect of the gel. Natural cosmetics at its best!





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