Exploring Paris consciously is much easier than expected with our sustainable city guide for the city of love!

Paris in undoubtedly one of the most frequently visited cities in Europe – a must on everyone’s bucket list and never disappointing with its architecture, cultural highlights and of course wine and baguettes.

For every traveler there are many ways to enjoy Paris responsibly – slow food, green accommodations, conscious stores and low-impact transportation are good ways to start.

Our Green City Guide for Paris highlights some of the conscious perks that the French capital has to offer.


Le Potager de Charlotte

Aimed to “restore the image of plant-based cuisine” two brothers have created a restaurant that is all about contributing to a sustainable future while offering creative and modern cuisine.


Le Potager de Charlotte
Le Potager de Charlotte Paris

Fully plant-based (both brothers have been vegan for several years) and designed to work with local and seasonal products whilst creating a changing and modern menu, the restaurant highlights what a vegetable garden has to offer.


Address: 12 rue Louise-Émilie de la Tour d’Auvergne 75009, 21 rue Rennequin 75017

Wild & The Moon

The international concept offers what they think the urban community needs: the power of what nature has to offer to feed the body and the soul.

With their restaurants spread out all over Paris you should certainly have the chance to stop by one of them while touring the city. The stylish restaurants offer everything that is good for the body and the environment: local, gluten-free, ethically sourced, seasonal and 100% plant-based ingredients, turned into breakfast bowls, sandwiches & burgers as well as cold pressed juices.

A great place to fuel up for a day of sightseeing and designed to proof that an urban lifestyle and slow food are the perfect pairing.



A bar with 200 bottles and no menu – that is what makes Bisou special!

The bartenders will craft a cocktail after discussing your taste, preferences and mood. And as if having your own cocktail being especially designed for you wasn’t enough, Bisou is exclusively using fresh products from France.


Bisou ParisRespecting the planet is a mission at Bisou, with plastic straws banned and only seasonal products used to create the cocktails.

The place to be for a conscious choice of cocktails!


Adress: 15 Boulevard du Temple 75003



Inspired by her travels to India, Maïssa Chahed, a Tunisian artist and Paris local, founded her concept store Mamamushi.

She developed a clothing line inspired by the materials and colours she discovered while traveling, sourcing the fabrics she uses for her clothing collection all over the world.

Her store is full of hand-crafted pieces, from handmade jewellery to one-of-a-kind accessorys and of course her carefully designed clothes – all with highest quality in mind, long-lasting and unique.


Adress: 28 Rue du Chateau d’Eau 75010


Standing for „As sustainable as possible” the brand is doing what it is called – trying to make fashion with the utmost sustainable approach.

The store is full of conscious fashion – vegetable leather items, recycled collections using yarn and fabrics from the stocks of fashion companies or the natural dye cashmere line.

ASAP Paris Store
ASAP Paris

All items are produced in Italy to ensure a short supply chain and preserve the tradition of craftsmanship, building a collection of products that a “evolved and conscious consumer” would love.


Adresse: 99 Rue du Bac 75007


Public transport in Paris is a good choice to get around the city. Ecological aspects are increasingly taken into account, e.g. with the goal that all busses will be 100% ecological by 2025.

Paris Metro Green City Guide
Pariser Metro Station

If you want to rely on non-motorized transportation renting a bike is the best option. Use the many bicycle paths to make your way, they are well integrated into the traffic of the city and take beautiful routes.


Our eco suite Hidden Hotel is a wonderful choice to round up your conscious Paris experience.

Hidden Hotel Paris
Hidden Hotel Paris

Perfectly located in the heart of the city and yet offering some peace and calm, it is carefully designed to highlight natural materials and modern architecture. A wonderful combination of hospitality, design and a highly sustainable approach.


To the hotel-


Pictures ©Le Potager de Charlotte, ©Bisou, ©ASAP, ©Hidden Hotel



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