Costa Rica was facing total destruction. A courageous turn in environmental politics has made the island a pioneer in sustainable tourism.

Costa Rica is not only a tropical paradise, its huge diversity in flora and fauna and its multiple ecosystems lead to Costa Rica being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

While measuring only 51.1000 km², the island in Central America is home to over 500,000 documented species.

Truly a natural paradise, protected today by modern laws and innovative eco-friendly measures, when only a few decades ago it was on the verge of complete destruction.

During the 1970s and 1980s a large part of Costa Rica’s  rainforest was cleared in order to sell the wood for profit and to allow the land being used for livestock and agriculture.


Costa Rica Bird Biodiversity

When 80% of the rainforest was already destroyed, a complete turnaround in politics took place, making Costa Rica one of the most progressive countries in the efforts to preservation of the environment. The government realized that the country’s unique ecosystem had to be protected and laid the foundation for state-of-the-art environmental protection.

In Costa Rica, nowadays education and training are considered to be the essential basics for an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach in society.  It can be found throughout all business areas and does not have to be opposed by profit orientation, as Costa Rica proofs. 

Half of the island is overgrown again, more than a quarter of the island is protected under nature conservation, and a large number of national parks and protected areas were installed. 

In addition to the establishment of protected areas, the modern legal framework ensures the preservation of biodiversity, e.g. the ban on the extraction of mineral resources such as oil or gold.

Costa Rica’s commitment however goes far beyond protecting its flora and fauna. In 2007, the island state declared its goal of becoming climate neutral by 2021. Today, 98% of the energy requirement is obtained from renewable energy sources. Costa Rica’s rainforest, which consists of relatively young trees, binds huge amounts of CO2.

Costa Rica Frog Biodiversity

In many cases, combining commitment to environmental protection with economic challenges requires great effort and a willingness to compromise. Costa Rica once again shows innovative spirit by establishing a business area of sustainable tourism alongside its efforts to preserve and protect. 

Guests on Costa Rica are invited to enjoy the impressive biodiversity of the unique landscape while supporting the island’s efforts to keep the disruption to a minimum. In Costa Rica vacation means adventures exploring nature, far away from large hotel blocks, noisy party streets and neon city lights .

Costa Rica is perfect proof of how the future of sustainable tourism needs to be defined. In harmony with nature, full of adventure and comfort for the guests.

Costa Rica Nature Tourism

Our eco suite Rio Celeste Hideaway is the best example of innovative hotel luxury in Costa Rica – a paradise in the middle of a national park, surrounded by breathtaking nature and perfect for a luxurious kind of adventure trip, meeting all of our eco suites criteria! 


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