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eco suites is an online platform designed to present premium accommodations with a sustainable approach. We aim to support the eco conscious traveler in searching for a fitting accommodation and shed light on accommodations that act sustainable. No compromises made on both sides.


All accommodations featured on ecosuites.travel meet at least five out of ten criteria that have been established as our eco suites-standard, making all eco suites sustainable according to this standard. The number of eco suites-key lets every traveler know how many of the criteria have been met by the specific accommodation.


Our eco suites-criteria have been adapted from internationally acknowledged standards for preserving the environment. While fully supporting any environmental aspects we also aim to include criteria like Female empowerment or Social impact to show the full range of what we think sustainability implies.


We carefully choose every accommodation on ecosuites.travel. Our cooperation with our clients is based on the same value that contributing to sustainability according to our eco suites-criteria does not mean to compromise in luxury and comfort.


Not every accommodation on ecosuites.travel has already been certified. We do not require any certification, since all cooperation is based on the eco suites-criteria that will be carefully evaluated for every new accommodation. This way every accommodation is approved according to our own eco suites-standard, no matter if already certified or not.


In cooperating with our accommodations we want to provide them with the opportunity to engage in contact with our travelers directly. This is why eco suites focuses on direct bookings with the accommodations only. Using the direct link to the accommodation’s website or the contact inquiry you have two options to complete your booking quickly.


Eco Suites Siegel

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Finca Can Marti

The perfect place to discover the original Ibiza and enjoy style and nature being brought together! With its stunning design and attention to detail the Finca Can Marti offers utmost privacy. This is the ideal hotspot for a stylish and sustainable vacation in Ibiza!

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