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Our mission:

To present exclusive yet sustainable accommodations.

Carefully curated hotels, with passionate hosts and consideration for nature. Without compromise, stylish, comfortable and exceptional in every way.

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About us:

Our team consists of founder Marlene Rohracher and experts in marketing, public relations and journalism. We share the passion for modern travel and love working with accommodations that focus on implementing a sustainable approach.

„We want to inspire and to show how sustainability can be combined with luxury. Our eco suites are pioneers in their field and set an example for the new way of traveling! They demonstrate that making an effort to preserve and protect nature, culture and ensure social stability should be the standard in modern travel.”
– Marlene Rohracher

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Contributing to a sustainable future when traveling is easy with our eco suites. Carefully curated, with a highly sustainable approach and at the same time stylish and luxurious.

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