With so many labels and certificates in eco tourism, it is hard to find guidance.

We have been researching the most common and accepted labels!

Travel is as popular as ever, but the desire grows to have as little impact on the environment as possible. National and international organizations and committees have been discussing the topic of eco-friendly travel for years.

The result is a wide range of labels and certificates that mark either a destination, a tour operator or an accommodation as “sustainable”, according to the defined criteria.

Here is a selection to guide you through:


One of the most renowned labels worldwide. It certifies international hotels, conference centers and resorts in the areas of business, culture, environment and social issues.

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It certifies hotels, restaurants and holiday parks worldwide in the field of environmental protection. With more than 2,400 awarded companies one of the most common labels.

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It certifies both accommodations and travel companies worldwide according to their standards, primarily in the areas of business, culture, social affairs and the environment.

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National partner organizations (e.g. the Ministry of the Environment) award the official European Union eco-label in the tourism sector to accommodations and campsites.

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A certificate particularly renowned in Latin America, which is awarded in five grades depending on the fulfillment of the criteria for accommodation, but also for tour operators.

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