The Mortola Tower

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Looking for a special accommodation? You will find it here and experience Italy in a completely different way! Located on the beautiful Ligurian coast and with private access to the sea, the Mortola Tower offers an extravagant and sustainable retreat with history.

The Mortola Tower was built in 1500 and awaits you with breathtaking sea views, a botanical garden and individually designed suites, where you can feel the history of the tower all around. Located on the Ligurian coast, just a few kilometers from France and Monaco, The Mortola Tower offers complete privacy and discretion.

Choose between the three individually designed suites and experience the fascination of this special place in complete privacy. Or you can book the entire accommodation for a maximum capacity of 15 people, for an extraordinary business retreat or a special occasion. This eco resort is embracing its history and surroundings very carefully and managed with Italian hospitality.

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