Scented candles "made in Italy" is what Festina Lente Home is offering in their atelier in Milan and in their online shop. Sustainable luxury,

You can feel her passion listening to Marta, founder of Festina Lente Home, talking about her history and products. While living in New York in 2017, she wanted to make small gifts for her friends.Β  “I have always loved candles, their lights and their ways of making everything instantly special. And I also love scents – how they can communicate emotions and evoke a memory so intensely and without words.” Being aware of the chemicals in industrial products Marta started to study and to make natural soy candles in her kitchen.Β  Her gifts were a hit with her friends, and when relocating to Milan, Marta decided to make a new start as an artisan.

Marta Festina Lente Home

Honoring the “made in Italy” craftsman tradition, Marta is pouring her scented candles by hand in her atelier, with a strong focus on sustainable production.Β  Her atelier and shop are completely plastic-free. “My scents are vegan and cruelty free; the soy wax and the glycerine-based solution for the diffusers are vegan and sustainably produced.”

Travel Candle Festina Lente Home

Due to her love to travel Marta created the Travel Candle, a small version of her signature home scents poured by hand in tin containers with lids to carry in a handbag or suitcase and light when traveling.

Eco luxury products, full of emotion and sustainable, is what Marta cares for. “Each day that I enter my small atelier and shop, I feel so grateful that I can do what I love.”

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Picture credits: Festina Lente Home


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