Hotel Windsor

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A very special location in the center of vibrant Nice, where art and history meet a relaxed and calm attitude. Enjoy the incredible Côte d’Azur in this outstanding 4* hotel! With its individually designed rooms, the restaurant and the tropical garden with pool this is a place to undwind in the middle of the city.

Every room is unique at Hotel Windsor, each one of them designed by contemporary artists or decorated with historical frescoes. Enjoy the tropical garden with the pool to relax unwind and embrace the artistic ambience all around. Hotel Windsor is an oasis of calm and inspiration, right in the middle of lively Nice!

The restaurant offers delicate Mediterranean French dishes right at the hotel, prepared with fresh local ingredients and organically grown vegetables. The hotel has been awarded the "Le Clef Verte" certification and contributes to making your trip to the Côte d’Azur a sustainable experience! The unique ambience of the Hotel Windsor makes your stay in Nice unforgettable.

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