We gain insights on the life of the Earl Khuen-Belasi family and discover the treasures and special features of Englar Castle.

You feel like entering another world right when turning into the entrance to Englar Castle, a gravel path between breathtaking vines and rose bushes.



Chances are you will be greeted by a flock of geese before you reach the large wooden gate, the entrance to the castle hotel.



The hosts, the Earl Khuen-Belasi family, run the castle hotel with great dedication to the history of the house. The knight’s hall, the heart of the castle, is decorated with historical furniture as well as an impressive picture collection. Always tailored to the needs of the guests, cozy and with understatement.



In the rooms and throughout the house you will find treasures that tell of the history of the house and the region, successfully combined with modern elements. The hosts are pleased about the interest in the special ambience that they have created and are happy to provide information about the house and the special features of the region.



One highlight is a walk through the fields of vines of the own vineyard on the estate. Earl Khuen-Belasi is happy to offer his own wines to his guests for a tasting. You feel very close to nature at every turn you take, and the day begins with the rooster crowing. reminding you that the castle’s farm is just around the corner.



Long before sustainability became a defining element of our modern understanding, living and working in line with the environment has been common at Englar Castle, appreciating what nature has given you.

A stay Englar Castle is unique, magical and down to earth at the same time. And you always want to come back.

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Picture credits: Schloss Englar // eco suites


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