A winery within a very special climate, surrounded by active soil and people who know their craft: extraordinary wines are produced at Englar Castle,

The exclusive winery on the estate of our eco-suite Schloss Englar covers more than seven hectares and has been family-owned since 1640.

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The winery produces eight kinds of wine, using grapes exclusively from the own agriculture. They are all processed and bottled directly at the estate.

The grape varieties were carefully chosen to match the special climate of the region and the condition of the soil. They are building the foundation of a successful harvest each year and the production of high-quality wines.

With careful processing and growth of the grapes it is ensured to work with a naturally and traditionally grown product for the wines.

You can feel the respect for the product and the nature surrounding the estate. Using natural resources and keeping intervening and changing the surroundings to a minimum is crucial at the winery.

The wines are stored in the estate’s wine cellar, build just a couple of years ago. Guests of Englar Castle love trying the wines and find their favorite.

You would love to try the wine yourself?

This is your chance to win a box of the renowned “Gewürztraminer” of Englar Castle’s winery!

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The winner will be announced on July 28th, 2020. Good Luck!

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UPDATE: We are grateful for your participation!

Our giveaway goes to Anna W., congratulations!


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