Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel

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A very special hideaway to discover Greece's pristine side. Stylish, exclusive and managed with attention to detail and the approach to combine sustainability and comfort. The Kallichoron is located on the island of Astypalea, a hotspot for insiders who seek to explore the traditional Greece!

At the Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel Greek hospitality meets clean style and pure design. A place to relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest: with extensive bike tours on the island, discovering Greek history or relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches. The fully equipped studios include amenities such as Greek organic cosmetics, just one of the many sustainable approaches in the Kalichoron.

Your morning at the Kallichoron begins with a very special breakfast. "Grandma's Breakfast" reiceived the award as the best breakfast in Greece in 2019 and offers local specialties, homemade bread and vegetables from Kallichorons own garden. With the "Green Key" certification, the Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel is constantly proving how sustainable a luxurious vacation can be.

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